Beginning with a humble flour mill in 1964, the Kovilpatti Lakshmi Roller Flour Mills Limited (formerly KLRF Limited) has grown and expanded into becoming a highly-regarded engineering company. We are rapidly expanding our technology and implementing processes which set the standard in all the markets we operate in. Our commitment to excellence and pioneering spirit remain the bedrock of our approach to business.

Our strength has always been our people and as we expand, we endeavour to attract skilled professionals across disciplines. While our company’s growing portfolio witnesses’ growth in businesses across the globe, one thing is certain: we will take our values with us.

KLRF News and Events

Regulation 46 of SEBI LODR

2021-22-Annual Report - 2022
2020-21-Annual Report - 2021
2019-20-Annual Report - 2020
2018-19-Annual Report - 2019
2017-18-Annual Report - 2018
2016-17-Annual Report - 2017
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2009-10-Annual Report - 2010
2021-22-Secretarial Compliance Report - 31/03/2022
2020-21-Secretarial Compliance Report - 31/03/2021
2021-22-Credit Rating - 13/06/2022
2021-22-MOA - 2022
2021-22-Form SH-13 : Nomination Form
2021-22-Form SH-14 : Nomination Change / Cancellation
2021-22-Form ISR-1
2021-22-Form ISR-2
2021-22-Form ISR-3
2021-22-Form ISR-4
2023-24-Newspaper Advt-Unaudited Financial Results-30/06/2023
2023-24-Unaudited Financial Results - 30/06/2023
2022-23-Newspaper Advt-Audited Financial Results-31/03/2023
2022-23-Audited Financial Results - 31/03/2023
2022-23-Newspaper Advt-Unaudited Financial Results-31/12/2022 (Corrigendum)
2022-23-Newspaper Advt-Unaudited Financial Results-31/12/2022
2022-23-Unaudited Financial Results - 31/12/2022
2022-23-Newspaper Advt-Unaudited Financial Results-30/09/2022
2022-23-Unaudited Financial Results - 30/09/2022
2022-23-Newspaper Advt-Unaudited Financial Results-30/06/2022
2022-23-Unaudited Financial Results - 30/06/2022
2021-22-Newspaper Advt-Audited Financial Results-31/03/2022
2021-22-Audited Financial Results - 31/03/2022
2021-22-Unaudited Financial Results-31/12/2021
2021-22-Unaudited Financial Results - 30/06/2021
2021-22-Unaudited Financial Results - 30/09/2021
2020-21-Audited Financial Results - 31/03/2021
2019-20-Audited Financial Results - 31/03/2020
2018-19-Audited Financial Results - 31/03/2019
2017-18-Audited Financial Results - 31/03/2018
2016-17-Audited Financial Results - 31/03/2017
2015-16-Audited Financial Results - 31/03/2016
2014-15-Audited Financial Results - 31/03/2015
2013-14-Audited Financial Results - 31/03/2014
2012-13-Audited Financial Results - 31/03/2013
2023-24-Voting Results for Postal Ballot along with the Scrutinizer’s Report
2022-23-CFO and Directors re-appointment
2022-23-List of present KMPs - 10/02/2023
2022-23-CFO - Resignation
2022-23-Familiarisation Program - Independent Directors-2022-23
2021-22-The Present composition of board and committee members-12/11/2021
2021-22-Combined Scrutinizer and Postal Ballot Results - 14/09/2022
2021-22-Link to download Video Recording of AGM held on 14/09/2022
2021-22-Annual Return-MGT-7-2022
2021-22-Familiarisation Program - Independent Directors-2021-22
2021-22-The Present composition of board and committee members-wef 12-11-2021
2021-22-Postal Ballot Notice - 13/12/2021
2021-22-Postal Ballot Results - 12/01/2022
2021-22-Annual Return-MGT-7-2021
2020-21-Link to download Video Recording of AGM held on 27/08/2021
2020-21-Annual Secretarial Compliance Report-2021
2022-23-Unclaimed Dividend Warrants (as on 31/03/2023) - 2021-2022
2022-23-Unclaimed Dividend Warrants (as on 31/03/2023) - 2020-2021
2022-23-Unclaimed Dividend Warrants (as on 31/03/2023) - 2016-2017
2008-09-IEPF4-Unclaimed Dividend-2000-2008
2007-08-IEPF-4 for 2007-2008
2006-07-IEPF-4 for 2006-2007
2005-06-IEPF-4 for 2005-2006
2004-05-IEPF-4 for 2004-2005
2003-04-IEPF-4 for 2003-2004
2002-03-IEPF-4 for 2002-2003
2001-02-IEPF-4 for 2001-2002
2000-01-IEPF-4 for 2000-2001
1999-00-IEPF-4 for 1999-2000
2020-21-Share Holder Letter-2 - 11/11/2020
2020-21-Share Holder Letter-1 - 11/11/2020
2023-24-Board Meeting Notice - 10/08/2023
2022-23-Postal Ballot Notice - 15/05/2023
2022-23-Board Meeting Notice - 10/02/2023
2022-23-Board Meeting Notice - 11/11/2022
2022-23-Board Meeting Notice - 12/08/2022
2021-22-AGM Public Advertisement - 2022
2021-22-Notice to Share Holders-AGM-2022
2021-22-AGM Notice-2022
2021-22-Notice to Share Holders - 05/08/2022
2021-22-Board Meeting Notice - 27/05/2022
2021-22-Board Meeting Notice - 11/02/2022
2021-22-Board Meeting Notice - 28/05/2021
2020-21-AGM Public Advertisement - 2021
2020-21-Board Meeting Notice - 12/08/2020
2020-21-Board Meeting Notice - 26/06/2020
2020-21-Board Meeting Notice - 11/11/2020
2020-21-Board Meeting Notice - 04/02/2021
2020-21-Board Meeting Notice - 03/08/2020
2020-21-AGM Book Closure Intimation-August 2021
2020-21-Declaration of Voting Results and AGM Scrutinizer Report -27/08/2021
2020-21-Board Meeting Notice - 11/08/2021
2020-21-AGM Notice-2021
2019-20-AGM Public Advertisement - 2020
2018-19-Board Meeting Notice - 29/05/2019
2018-19-Board Meeting Notice - 26/10/2018
2023-24-Policy on Materiality of Events
2022-23-Amended Policy on CSR
2022-23-KMP-Materiality of event
2021-22-KMP-Determining Materiality of event
2021-22-Policy on Preservation of Documents and Archival
2021-22-Terms and Conditions of appointment of Independent Directors
2021-22-Policy on Nomination & Remuneration-2022
2021-22-Policy on Related Party Transactions-2022
2020-21-Amended Policy on CSR
2018-19-Policy on Whistle Blower
2018-19-Policy on Nomination and Remuneration
2018-19-Policy on Related Party Transactions
2018-19-Policy on CSR
2018-19-Code of Practices for insiders
2018-19-Corporate Governance-Code of conduct for Directors and Senior Managers
2021-22-Press Release-Unaudited Financial Results-31/12/2021
2021-22-Press Release-Unaudited Financial Results-30/09/2021
2021-22-Press Release-Unaudited Financial Results-30/06/2021
2022-23-Related Party Transactions - 31/03/2023
2021-22-Related Party Transactions - 30/09/2022
2021-22-Related Party Transactions - 31/03/2022
2021-22-Related Party Transactions - 30/09/2021
2020-21-Related Party Transactions - 31/03/2021
2020-21-Related Party Transactions - 30/09/2020
2019-20-Related Party Transactions - 31/03/2020
2018-19-Related Party Transactions - 30/09/2019
2023-24-Intimation of newspaper advertisement
2023-24-Link to download Video Recording of NCLT meeting of Unsecured Creditors-22/06/2023
2023-24-Link to download Video Recording of NCLT meeting of Equity Share holders-22/06/2023
2023-24-Voting results Scrutinizer Report - Unsecured Creditors
2023-24-Voting results Scrutinizer Report - Equity Share Holders
2023-24-Proceedings of Unsecured Creditors meeting
2023-24-Proceedings of Equity Shareholders meeting
2023-24-NCLT Advertisement
2022-23-Notice to Unsecured Creditors
2022-23-Notice to Share Holders
2022-23-Intimation to BSE reg NCLT order - 13/05/2023
2022-23-BSE Amalgamation Intimation
2022-23-Complaints Report
2022-23-Abridged financials
2022-23-Annual Reports of KLRF Raya - 2022
2022-23-Audit Committee Report
2022-23-Auditor Cert Accounting Treatment KLRF
2022-23-Compliance Report
2022-23-Fairness Opinion Report
2022-23-Independent Directors Report
2022-23-Pre and Post Number of Shareholders
2022-23-Pricing Certificate
2022-23-Scheme of Amalgamation
2022-23-Shareholding Pattern
2022-23-Valuation Report and confirmation
2022-23-Share Holding Pattern - 31/03/2023
2022-23-Share Holding Pattern - 31/12/2022
2021-22-Share Holding Pattern - 30/06/2022
2021-22-Share Holding Pattern - 31/03/2022
2021-22-Share Holding Pattern - 31/12/2021
2021-22-Share Holding Pattern - 30/09/2021
2021-22-Share Holding Pattern - 30/06/2021
2020-21-Share Holding Pattern - 31/03/2021
2020-21-Share Holding Pattern - 31/12/2020
2020-21-Share Holding Pattern - 30/09/2020
2020-21-Share Holding Pattern - 30/06/2020

KLRF Directors & Promoters

Mr. Suresh Jagannathan

Executive Chairman & Promoter

A graduate of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, New York, U.S.A, he began his career with the Kovilpatti Lakshmi Roller Flour Mills Limited (formerly KLRF Limited) as an Executive Director in 1979. He brings valuable experience across the group’s endeavours including flour milling, textiles & engineering.

Mr. Sharath Jagannathan

Managing Director

Mr. Sharath Jagannathan completed his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Bryant University, Smithfield, RI (USA) and he has good experience in the field of food industry, IT and marketing. He joined the Company as Director-Operations (not on the Board of Directors) on 16/09/2019 to oversee the operations of the Food Division of the Company. He is currently heading the entire business activities of the Company as Managing Director.

Mr. Sudarsan Varadaraj


A well-known industrialist from Coimbatore. An Honours graduate from Stanford University, Mr. Sudarsan Varadaraj contributes his experience as an Independent Director of Kovilpatti Lakshmi Roller Flour Mills Limited (formerly KLRF Limited). He is also the Chairman and Managing Director of Elgi Rubber Company Limited.

Mr. K. Gnanasekaran F.C.A


A leading stock broker in Coimbatore and has in-depth knowledge in accounts, finance and taxation. He is an Independent Director of the Company.

Mr. R. Kannan


Over the course of ​over 3 decades, Mr Kannan has worked across engineering, textile and milling industries. As a financial domain specialist, he brings his experience to bear as an Executive Director of the Company.

Mrs.Kalyani Jagannathan


An MS in computer Science from Northeastern University, Boston, co-founded Lucid Technologies and Solutions, her expertise in Information Technology brings a unique perspective to Kovilpatti Lakshmi Roller Flour Mills Limited (formerly KLRF Limited). She is an Independent Director of the Company.

Mr. Ashwin Chandran


With a passion for design, Mr.Ashwin Chandran believes product design and promotion can unlock significant value for companies and businesses. He is a member of CITI Cotton Development and Research Association and Vice Chairman of the Southern India Mills Association. He is also the Chairman and Managing Director of Precot Meridian Limited, Coimbatore. He is an Independent Director of the Company.

Investor Grievance Cell

Mr. S. Piramuthu

Company Secretary &
Compliance Officer - Nodel officer for IEPF Authority

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