Who we are

Kovilpatti Lakshmi Roller Flour Mills Limited (formerly KLRF Limited) was established in 1964, and is one of the pioneers of post-independence industrialisation in India. Today, we serve millions of customers across the states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

From humble beginnings as a flour mill, our businesses have expanded to include two engineering units; Cast Iron Foundry & Sheet Metal Fabrication. In 1995, we added a renewable energy business unit (KLRF Windmills) to help us achieve our goals of becoming carbon-neutral soon.

Kovilpatti Lakshmi Roller Flour Mills Limited is ISO 22000/9001 Certified, and we continue to challenge ourselves to constantly innovate, keeping the spirit of our founders alive. Our sense of community inspires us. Our employees, customers, distributors & partners all share a strong bond built on the foundations of mutual respect.

Our Businesses

Since we began operations in 1964, Kovilpatti Lakshmi Roller Flour Mills Limited (formerly KLRF Limited), has expanded to include Castings, Sheet Metal Fabrication and Renewable Energy. While at first glance these may appear to be divergent businesses, in fact, they have a common thread running through them all; a market need aligned to our business needs, and the creation of further opportunity for our community.

One of the pioneer wheat flour mills of South India, Kovilpatti Lakshmi Roller Flour Mills have been a symbol of consistent high quality since 1964.

Founded in 1978, KLRF Sheet Metal Industries is a precision sheet metal production company.

Established in 1974 in the industrial hub of Coimbatore, Eltex Super Castings is a pioneering foundry in South India.

The Wind power generation efforts began over 20 years ago, in 1995. Today, KLRF Windmills has a host of wind mills located in Aralvaimozhi.

Company Vision

We are an organisation that delivers high-quality products through collaborative efforts of a skilled & motivated workforce with strict standards of integrity. We will continue to deliver the maximum value to our stakeholders by leveraging the best-in-class technology & global business practices as we move forward.

Our Values


We ensure that we source the best raw materials, be they for our food business or our metal fabrication & foundry. We employ the same focus and dedication to whole wheat atta as we do to precision castings.


We believe that the world is one family. Our customers, suppliers, distributors, employees and all our stakeholders are our strength and a foundation which upholds the values of harmony, integrity and strong moral fibre.


We can always improve. We constantly challenge ourselves to deliver maximum value to our customers and stakeholders. We leverage technology to innovate every day, continuously improving our products and optimising our processes.


Excellence is a virtue borne out of being consistent. Over the past 55 years, we have meticulously built our customers’ trust by delivering the highest quality every single day of the year because they depend on us.

Kovilpatti Lakshmi Roller Flour Mills Limited

(formerly KLRF Limited)

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